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YOUR UNIQUE CHOICE - Your wedding is a special day
Be radiant like a queen on the once in a life time.....
Different exclusive professional makeup services or packages will
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We specialize in :
* Exclusive (Traditional & Moden ) Bridal Make -up
* Make-up for all occassion
* Latest Accessories (Bombay Design)
* Mehendhi
* Threading
* Exclusive Facial Treatment
* Beauty Products
Use only quality products.
We enchance a bright perpective for our bride.
We are available for travel in Malaysia and Singapore as well.

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Hair-style ideas for your wedding day

Help! I can't decide on a hairstyle.....

Ok, so choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day isn't exactly rocket science, so why is it soooooo difficult? You want to look like you just stepped out of Hello magazine, but need a little bit of help. Well you may have come to the right place....

Get some ideas.....

Start by taking a look and then start collecting some pictures from magazines and off the internet. Be realistic - is your hair straight / thick / long enough for the style you like? Select several photos to show the stylist at your trial and ask her to try each of them out. Be open to new ideas and any advice she gives you.

Up or down?
Try to choose a style that will suit your face shape - round faces suit high "updo's" and sleek long styles while long faces suit styles that have width and volume. Would you be comfortable with all your hair pulled away from your face? Consider having some hair up and some down, or leaving wispy bits around you face to soften. If you have a low-cut or off-the-shoulder dress will you feel comfortable with a little flesh exposed?

Curly or straight?
Once you have decided to wear you hair up or down, the possibilities are endless. Curls are soft and romantic, as are pleats, twists, plaits and variations to the bun. Or perhaps you prefer more contemporary spikes and twists. Try to reflect your personality in your bridal hairdo, but don't be a fashion victim, or you'll laugh at your photo's in twenty years time!

Beads, jewels and flowers
These are always popular as they add extra sparkle and colour and can tie in with your colour scheme and jewellery. Pins and hair-grips with sparkling gems in the ends have a stunning effect, whilst small flowers can be scattered amongst curls or wired to a comb to flatter a french pleat.

Wedding hair checklist

1. Have a trial run with your stylist as soon as your wedding date is set. If possible, take along your dress, and any headpiece or hair accessories.

2. Find out if you need to grow your hair length, improve the condition with conditioning treatments, change the colour or have some highlights.

3. NEVER shampoo hair or conditioning treatments on the wedding day.

4. On the day of the wedding make sure the bridal party wear button or zip-up clothes. No crew neck jumpers! This will ensure you dont mess up your style...

5. Now just relax.....

10 Ways to rehydrate your skin

Many women think that oily skin does not need moisturisers.But oily skin can still be dehydrated because it lacks water.The real solution is to use an oil-free moisturiser that will reinforce your skin's hydration levels.Moisturiser work by maintaining skin's natural barrier and preventing evaporation of water from skin.They also 'pump' up the cells helping to eradicate the appearance of wrinkle.Don't forget to moisturiser your body too.It can improve even the dullest and most dehydrated skin.For the best result,apply lotion on to clean,damp skin,after you bath or shower.This helps to seal extra moisture into the upper layer of your skin.

Antioxidants repair damage done when the skin has been irritated by harsh products, sun or pollution and they protect skin from further damage.The latest antioxidat that is creating waves in the market is green tea-which has been found rich in polyplenols and catechins.This makes it even more powerful as an antioxidant than vitamins E and C.

Exfoliating also allows lotions and creams to be absorbed easily,making skin appear fresh and hydrated.Using a body scrub once or twice a week help to whisk away dead cells,wakw up circulation,stimulate lymphatic drainage and assist in detoxification.Tip:Invest in a conventional exfoliating scrub.Massage onto freshly washed,damp skin and rinse with lot of warm water.

Like sun exposure,smoking breaks down elastin and collagen and decreases the supply of nutrients and oxygen.This leaves skin sallow,lax and leathery.

Take cover fron the sun at all times.You should protect yourself daily with a moisturiser that has an SPF of at least 15. And do remember :Up to 60-80 percent of the sun's damaging UV rays can penetrate the clouds.

Treat your skin to a weekly face mask and watch the benefits to both your complextion and your mind.

These have been formulated work in harmony with skin cell rejuvenation so that skin gets rehydrated and repaired while we sleep.For really sunstressed skin,look for serums which contain neutralising free radicals and antiirritants.With long term use,the serum can help to fade freckles and age spots.

Decant your facial toner into a plastic spray bottle and store in the fridge.Spritz your face throughout the day to help prevent skin from overheating while maintaining hydration levels.

Up to 90 percent of the soft tissue of the body is made up of water which s why drinking at least five glasses of water a day is a must if you want your skin to look and feel supple.

Moisturise skin from within by taking cod liver oil tablets which are a rich source of vitamin A and D and essential fatty acids.Cod-liver oil is also reputed to boost skin's immunity and help with disorders like eczema.

What is your skin type?

There's no point spending a fortune on expensive skincare if you buy the wrong ones for your skin type and make a collection of assorted once-used bottles.The key to developing a skincare regime that works for you is to analysis your skin-type first.

Skincare quiz
To develop a better understanding of your skin and what will suit it best,start by answering the questions here.Then add up your score and check the list at the end to discover which of the skin types you fit into.

1.How does your skin feel if you cleanse it with facial wash and water?
A.Tight,as though it's too small for your face.
B.Smooth and comfartable.
C.Dry and itchy in places.
D.Fine-quite comfortable.
E.Dry in some areas and smooth in others.

2.How does your skin feel if you cleanse it with cream cleanser?
A.Relatively comfortable.
B.Smooth and comfortable.
C.Sometimes comfortable,sometimes itchy.
D.Quite oily.
E.Oily in some areas and smooth in others.

3.How does your skin usually look by the middle of the day?
A.Flaky patches appearing.
B.Fresh and clean.
C.Flaky patches and some redness.
E.Shiny in the T-zone.

4.How does do you break out in spots?
A.Hardly ever.
B.Occasionally,perhaps before or during your period.
E.Often-in the T.zone.

5.How does your skin react when you use facial toner?
A.It stings.
B.No problems.
C.Stings and itches.
D.Feels fresher.
E.Feel fresher in some areas but stings in others.

How does your skin react when you have applied a rich night cream?
A.It feels very comfortable.
C.Sometimes feels comfortable,other times feels irritated.
D.Makes your skin feel very oily.
E.Oily in the T-zone,comfortable on the cheeks.

**Now add up your A's,B's,C's,D's and E's.Your skin-type is the one that has the majority of

Mostly A's:Your is DRY.
Mostly B's:Your skin is NORMAL.
Mostly C's:Your skin is SENSITIVE.
Mostly D's:Your skin is OILY.
Mostly E's:Your skin is COMBINATION.

Learn Personal Makeup

Decide Now to Look More Beautiful,Attend our Captivating Personal Make-up Workshop, Be Different in 2009, Regain the Confidence in You & Walk with Charm Wherever You are..... Ladies, You Deserve it !

There are many problems faced by women today. One of the problems faced is that of skin problems. Very often, one would spend lots of money on facial but do not bother to put on make-up. A number of them have not really known the importance of wearing make-up and seems to lack basic skin-care knowledge; whilst some of them were misled by others.

A few lucky ones are borne with great flawless skin but have taken it for granted and do not take extra steps to own the beautiful skin bestowed to them by birth for the many years to come. They then try all means to find cure to whiten-up the fair skin they have abandoned during their youth days.

The aim of this workshop is to show you how with simple DIY steps, you can slow down the ageing process and how to use make-up to enhance one’s features including the right choice of colors that suit your skin-tone. At the end of the session, participants are expected to know how to do their own personal make-up and should be able to do so in 10 over time.
No longer will she find skin-care a difficult chore to handle or make-up a long process to master.

Outline of Workshop
Identify the different skin types
Ways of care for your skin
How to maintain a healthy crown of hair
Learn quick and easy eye-shadow application techniques
Transforming Natural Day Make-up to Glamorous Evening Look
Learn to master the ‘Quick 10 minutes Sophisticated Steps’ in the morning to look special !!

Who should attend:
Open to all ladies with no age limit.
Students, fresh graduates, working professionals, housewives.

Workshop Details
Time: 2.30 ~ 5.30pm
Duration: 2.5~3 hours

Special Promotional Workshop Fees: RM450

Limited to a maximum of 10 participants per workshop for optimum learning.

In return
Irresistible privileges will be enjoyed by participants.
- A RM30 voucher redeemable for facial skin-care products**
- A discount voucher for your next make-over session.
** Terms and conditions apply

Book now for a slot for this workshop specially organized for all who want to maintain a healthy skin, look ever-young and more importantly if you think you are one who wants to Age Gracefully. Let’s be true to ourselves; we all will come to face it eventually so why not take positive steps now for a younger tomorrow.

Seats Limited

For registration, call: +0127254228 or email to: nrimagebeauty@yahoo.com
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
with :

Your name and address
Your mobile number

Make a cheque to :

1-to-1 or 2-1 hands - on personalized session:
Duration: 2.5~3 hours

Flexible Timing- Tell us your choice of date/time and we will try to arrange a trainer for you.
Choice of Weekdays and/or Weekends: 2pm to 5pm

Make-up sessions for corporate staff can also be arranged, simply drop us an email and tell us your requirement and we will try to assist in some way.

Tips on make-up and hairstyle

Make-up and getting ready for an event may be a big headache for many of us especially if you have to hit there right after work. There is no need to drag an enormous vanity case with u, simple tricks will do.

The secret of perfect evening make-up is to choose products that are a shade or two deeper than your daytime make-up. This way you can be certain that the products suit your colouring and that you will be pleased with the finished result.

There are also experts who are well-equipped with these hairstyling and make-up knowledge and can transform you into the belle of the ball. Just give a call and hop there for a make-over.

If time is not a problem, remove make-up, moisturise and start again from a fresh face, otherwise just re-apply some foundation followed with concealer and powder. Emphasise the outer edges of your eyes with mascara to give you that wide-eyed look. If you have very fine eyebrows you might also need to re-apply you eyebrow colour.

Blush your cheeks with a deeper shade than usual by applying the blusher to the apple of your cheek and working upwards and outwards. Choose a matching lipstick with your outfit, and to make it stay longer, apply a lip base first. To aim a glamour touch, finish with a coat of lip gloss. Apply bronzer for a healthy look and some perfume to boost up your mood and energy levels.

Hair should always be clean and cared for. The perfect and quick way to boost your hairstyle at the end of a working day is to use tongs or straighteners. To add volume, tip your head down and brush downwards from the nape of your neck. Keep a handbag-sized hairspray at work and just give a light spray. It will help keep your hair in place for the rest of the evening. Put on some jewelry to add to your look.


As skin is a very sensitive part, selection of skin cleanser must be paid special attention. A good cleanser should have the qualities of removing pore-clogging dirt avoiding breakout for further damage of skin. Choosing a cleanser for a sensitive skin is a very difficult task as sensitive skin quickly reacts to harsh chemicals.For a sensitive skin, a cleanser should be baby mild with a creamy formula which leaves the skin soft and reaction free. 

Tips for happy holidays

* Keep a record of emergency contact numbers.
* Re-confirm all travel arrangement before departure.
* Pack a complete first-aid kit.
* Bring a versatile sarong as a party dress,beach wear and shawl.
* Guide books and phrase books are essential.
* Research your destination on online travellers' forums.
* Know who to call if you need to cancel stolen credit and ATM cards.
* Bring enough cash for each day's excursion instead of carrying everything.
* When in doubt check with the hotel staff.
* Avoid using unofficial taxis and tour agents;you could end up paying more.